Your Onni*, Your Way

One bag in the place of many

At our heart is a dream of innovation. Every day brings a new set of challenges, emotions, and experiences. Onnix bags are made to adapt, giving you the freedom to express yourself and match your bag to your situation or your outfit or your mood.

Our interchangeable clutches slide in to form the face of our totes, so you can pair your bag across a variety of palettes. And when an event requires only the essentials, the clutch can be removed and held independently or worn with our detachable strap (included) as a cross-body clutch.

Each clutch is designed to fit both of our Onnix tote bodies, giving you the versatility to change the colour, size, and function of your bag with ease. At present, we have two tote bodies and six clutch varieties in production. You can explore all twelve different combinations in our online store, or purchase the clutches separately to supplement your collection.

Start your capsule wardrobe with something beautiful.


*Onni is Finnish for luck and happiness. #CreateYourOnni