About Onnix London

Hannah Do

I always identified as a global citizen. In my life, I’ve moved from Vietnam, to Finland, to London. I had a career in publishing, and I spent years collecting air miles. The business I was managing spanned 35 countries, and it taught me to be economical with packing. There was a time when my entire life could fit into one piece of checked luggage and one handbag. An airplane was just another office to me. And I’ve always liked my office to feel organised and efficient.

I needed a bag that could hold a laptop without feeling big or awkward. It had to be hard-wearing and easy to navigate. I wanted to know where everything important was at all times. There would be times when I wanted to put my laptop out of sight, and just keep my passport and wallet on me. I tried a lot of different solutions but none worked for me. It seemed impossible to find something that suited my lifestyle. I felt like there must be a better way to construct a handbag.

When we started Onnix bags, I knew they had to be innovative. Women play so many different roles in the world; I wanted to create a bag that could make life easier for women who are always on the move.

Lizz Choi

I always wanted a life full of travel and adventure. I found myself in New York. I was working long hours in the city, but at every opportunity, I threw my bag over my shoulder and flew somewhere new.

As a child, my family moved from South Korea to the Dominican Republic and I guess my parents passed that sense of discovery on to me. I was so frustrated every time my bag gave out. Sometimes it was the handle; sometimes it was the buckle. But it was always when I was on the way to the airport. It felt like a bad investment economically and a bad idea environmentally. I wanted to see the world and I needed my bag to keep up with me.

So I learned to spot quality in construction. The stitching had to be perfect; the leather had to be resilient. I really grew to appreciate top quality craftsmanship, but I felt like I was sacrificing versatility and variety. My colleagues always looked fashionable and of the moment and I just had one very expensive, very well made bag. I had one style in one colour.

I moved again, this time with my husband and our little girl: from New York, to London. I met Ha. Our idea was serendipitous.

For me, Onnix is about fusing creative expression with elite craftsmanship. With the two tote bodies and a few interchangeable clutches, I always have a bag that compliments my outfit, wherever I’m going and whatever the occasion.

Onnix was created to equip and empower women. Co-founders, Lizz Choi and Ha Do, dreamed of making beautiful, innovative products that encompassed values of minimalism, feminism, and resilience. 

Onnix bags are designed to stay with you all day, evolving to suit your needs. Constructed from long-lasting and luxurious Saffiano leather, our spacious totes and detachable clutches are truly versatile: a wonderful way to start your capsule wardrobe.

"We want to arm women for the boardroom, without compromising charm and aesthetic. We want to be by your side from the playground to the airport to the ceremony.” 

- Lizz & Ha


- Innovation and craftsmanship. At Onnix, we believe that luxury means high quality and hard-wearing. As designers, we feel at home in the slow fashion movement. We want to help you curate your capsule wardrobe with minimalist, versatile accessories that will last for years.

- Transparency and vulnerability. At Onnix, we know that feminism means more than just helping you with your wardrobe. That’s why we are committed to worker equality and sustainable practices. All our leather is sourced from environmentally-conscious, water-safe tanneries; and we monitor our supply chain carefully to ensure that our workers are paid fair wages.

- Equality and inclusion. At Onnix, we embrace all. No matter who you are or how you identify, we want to accompany you on your journey. With accessories that adapt to your needs, we hope to give you more time to concentrate on being the most successful version of yourself.

Onni is Finnish for Luck & Happiness: #CreateYourOnni